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L865/L864 LED Medium Intensity White/Red Dual Strobe 

Dialight LED

The all LED Dialight Vigilant Medium Intensity White/Red obstruction strobe is designed for the lighting of communication towers, chimneys, smoke stacks, wind generators and other obstructions to aerial navigation. The Dual L865/L864 uses LED technology for light output from both the white/red strobe. Unlike conventional Xenon flashtube technology, this obstruction strobe provides years of maintenance free service. Working voltages of less than 200V DC are significantly less than those of Xenon flashtube designs, therefore, this system represents an advance in safety. The Dialight Dual L865/L864 LED obstruction strobe operates from a 48VDC supply, and all major electronic components are not in the head but rather are integrated into the control enclosure. These heads also utilize Dialight's patented anti-ground scatter beam pattern to reduce light trespass to those living or working close to the obstruction.

*White Day: 75W, White Night: 10W, Red Night: 25W

Slatercom, being an OEM distributor for Dialight, provides the unique advantage of offering the LED dual OEM flash head system. The below summary will explain the differences between the Slatercom OEM Dual Medium Intensity system and Factory Generic Dual Medium Intensity system options:

Slatercom OEM Dialight Dual Medium Intensity

  • Exclusive design with "electronics" (power supply, drivers, capacitors, and micro board) integrated into Slatercom UCS Series control enclosure. Flash head is only LED's and surge protection components.

  • Control system with simpler component layout.

  • Utilizes 8-conductor cable for complete redundancy and allows full troubleshooting from the controller location.

  • Slatercom custom terminal assembly to allow reuse of existing Xenon cabling yet retains ability to fully troubleshoot from the control location.

  • Flash head with heavy duty aluminum top plate provides maximum environmental, RF, and lightning protection.

  • Control enclosure uses standard powder-coated steel enclosure; aluminum and stainless steel enclosure options are available.

  • Slatercom-exclusive single enclosure controller for multiple flash head configuration systems.

  • Optional integrated GPS sync modules for controller.

  • Controller fully customizable for unique obstruction light system needs such as redundant flash heads or other components with fail-over relay integration.

Factory Dialight Dual Medium Intensity

  • Most "electronics" including drivers, power supply, capacitors, and micro board in Dialight controller. Flash head houses a circuit board assembly for circuit integration. 

  • Dialight controller with LCD display included for system information display.

  • Controller allows for direct integration with Dialight INEM Gateway system.

  • Uses 4-conductor cable, system troubleshooting not fully capable from controller location.

  • Flash head polycarbonate lens covers side and top of unit.

  • Heavy duty powder-coated cast aluminum control enclosure included.

  • Each controller only controls one head, controllers must be synchronized together for multiple flash head systems.

  • Not customizable beyond its basic design parameters.

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