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L856/L864 LED High Intensity Dual White-Red Strobe 

Dialight LED

The Dialight Vigilant High Intensity White/Red obstruction strobe is the first and only all-LED FAA-Certified L856/L864 units designed for the lighting of communication towers, chimneys, smoke stacks, broadcast towers and other tall obstructions to aerial navigation, as specified by the FAA. 

Unlike conventional Xenon flashtube technology, Dialight's LED system provides years of maintenance free service, drastically reducing costs associated with tower climbs. Working voltages of less than 200V DC are significantly less than those of Xenon flashtube designs and the use of LED technology also provides a more shock and vibration resistant design to ensure consistent flash intensity every time. Generally, maintenance costs savings drive a positive return on investment for customers to upgrade to this system; however it should be noted that these systems use roughly 1/3 the electricity compared to Xenon strobe high intensity systems.

Slatercom manufactures hot dip galvanized and fully adjustable mounts for the flash heads and power supplies, and the flash head mounts allow for FAA uptilt specifications. Slatercom also provides all other cabling and accessories needed to fully install the systems on any structure.

*White Day: 220W, White Twilight: 40W, White Night: 30W, Red Night: 30W

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