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Marine Navigation Lighting Systems

Slatercom offers a large range of marine navigation lighting solutions. Using fixtures from Dialight, Carmanah Technologies (Sabik), or B&B Roadway, Slatercom can provide the perfect marine lighting product for your application. 

Slatercom also offers solar off-grid marine lighting products if needed. 

Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

Below is a summary of our solutions:

B&B Roadway
Carmanah Technologies
Dialight Visual Signals

Slatercom uses Dialight visual signals for LED navigation lighting using the 860 Series or the RTO Series LED visual signals. Basic features and advantages:

  • Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard regionally.

  • Perform well, and are extremely rugged.

  • Very cost effective.

  • Slatercom custom stainless steel 180 degree shield available. 

  • In DC versions can be integrated into an off-grid solar powered navigation light system.

Carmanah Technologies-Sabik 

Slatercom is a distributor for Carmanah Technologies' "Sabik" solar self-contained LED marine navigation lights. Features:

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved.

  • Full off-grid solution.

  • Compact

  • Series offerings in multiple output versions.

  • Employs Carmanah's energy management mechanism to ensure lighting performance in non-optimal conditions.

B&B Roadway

Slatercom partners with B&B Roadway to distribute their fixtures. These fixtures are of a traditional and authentic marine navigation lantern design. Features:

  • Cast aluminum or bronze options.

  • 360 or 180 degree options.

  • Fixtures for all U.S. Coast Guard bridge and pier lighting configurations.

  • Incandescent or LED options.

  • Custom swing arm options.

Dialight Visual Signals
Dialight Visual Signals
Marine Navigation Lighting Systems
Carmanah Technologies Marine Navigation Lighting
B&B Roadway Marine Navigation Lanterns
B&B Roadway Marine Navigation Lanterns
B&B Roadway Marine Navigation Lanterns
B&B Roadway Marine Navigation Lanterns
B&B Roadway Marine Navigation Lanterns
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