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Slatercom directly distributes and in most cases stocks LED obstruction lighting from Dialight and Carmanah Technologies and manufactures Slatercom UCS Series Obstruction Light Controllers. We offer off-grid solar solutions as well as all system kit accessories needed. Slatercom is able to customize any obstruction light kit.​

Standard FAA Lighting Configurations:

  • A0-A6 Low and Medium Intensity

  • B2-B6 High Intensity White Only

  • C2-C6 High Intensity White Only with AOL

  • D1&D2 Medium Intensity White Only

  • E1&E2 Dual Medium Intensity

  • F2-F6 Dual High Intensity with AOL

Standard lighting specifications are specified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The current FAA Advisory Circular is attached below for your reference. 

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