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Obstruction LED Lighting Systems

Obstruction lighting has very specific standards. The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) has stringent regulations for cell towers and utility communications towers and marine solar lanterns have different requirements. Broadcast towers require LED obstruction lights designed for the environment. Modern obstruction lighting needs to be reliable and energy-efficient. You need the right solution for your industry and application when installing obstruction lighting.

Obstruction Lighting Installation

Any structure that is over 200 feet typically requires marking per the FAA, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This includes towers, antennas, buildings, cranes, wind turbines, amusement park rides, and more. Some structures require red lighting, others white, and some require dual-lighting.


Lighting is an important element that marks structures, identifying them at night to prevent dangerous aviation conditions. Obstruction lighting includes navigational aids at sea. No matter what type of structure you need to light, Slatercom Lighting has the solution.

We engineer solutions using a comprehensive line of products that meet all requirements for your industry. Our team is concerned about making sure you are compliant with your laws and regulations while lowering your cost of ownership. Our specialists use LED lighting designed to be cost-effective and maintenance-free in some of the harshest environments.

Reliable obstruction lights not only make tall structures visible at night to passing aircraft, but good obstruction lighting also ensures visibility during bad weather. Our products are designed for onshore and offshore use, no matter what weather conditions they will be subject to. From high winds to low temperatures, our team will find a lighting solution that fits your needs.

Our team can successfully find the solution for your lighting needs. We consider where the location and what the legal requirements are in that particular state or city. The FAA requires buildings and other obstructions near an airport to be marked with a steady burning red light and dual lighting is required on other structures. When buildings are being constructed, obstruction lights are required if it meets the height requirement. We consider all industry standards as we design the right solution.

LED technology for obstruction lighting offers many benefits over conventional lights. They can be customized with different light arrays, with high brightness. LEDs have a long service life, are energy-efficient, and don’t generate as much heat as traditional lighting, which makes them more environmentally friendly while saving money. Although LED lights can have an upfront investment, long term, they save you money.

Our team of experts has an extensive background in lighting solutions from multiple industries. We offer:

Site audits


Technical support and maintenance

Lighting Inspections


Many of our products exceed industry standards and regulations to ensure compliance. We have lighting solutions for off-grid areas that don’t have access to power and have designed options for unique applications that require obstruction lighting for safety. Our engineers were leaders in using LED lights in commercial applications. We bring over a decade of experience in LED lighting to find the right solution for your business. By working with dozens of manufacturers, we can implement the products that fit your requirements and budget

Why Choose Slatercom

Slatercom Lighting Solutions is a leader in LED obstruction lighting components and systems. We have more than 20 years of experience. Our team installs lighting solutions for the communication industry. We also have options for marine navigation, airfield, and visual signal lighting. When you work with us, you get complete consultation and design services that let you get the best service for your needs. Our engineers have resources in the industry because we are a division of Afcomm, LLC, a pioneer in the Oregon community in communications.

Our team offers energy audits for your on-site lighting needs. You can be assured that your lighting fits into your budget. In addition, we can submit paperwork for energy and utility incentive programs demonstrating that you are using energy-efficient lighting. After your lighting is installed and running effectively, we inspect the project and handle maintenance when required. We want to make sure that your lighting is up to all standards and maintains safety.

Slatercom directly distributes and in most cases stocks LED obstruction lighting from Dialight and Carmanah Technologies and manufactures Slatercom UCS Series Obstruction Light Controllers. We offer off-grid solar solutions as well as all system kit accessories needed. Slatercom is able to customize any obstruction light kit.​ Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

Obstruction LED Lighting Systems

Standard FAA Lighting Configurations:

  • A0-A6 Low and Medium Intensity

  • B2-B6 High Intensity White Only

  • C2-C6 High Intensity White Only with AOL

  • D1&D2 Medium Intensity White Only

  • E1&E2 Dual Medium Intensity

  • F2-F6 Dual High Intensity with AOL

Standard lighting specifications are specified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The current FAA Advisory Circular is attached below for your reference.

PDF Literature 

Obstruction LED Lighting Systems

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Need a quote on obstruction lighting? Our team specializes in LED obstruction lighting for all industries. Contact us for a quote on obstruction lighting needs. We will customize your obstruction lighting configuration based on your structure and industry requirements.

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