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L866/L885 White/Red LED Medium Intensity Catenary Strobe

Dialight LED

The Dialight Vigilant L866/L885 Catenary White Strobe and Red Beacon is designed to be incorporated into medium intensity white L866 and flashing red L885 systems. Applications include the lighting of structures supporting overhead cables above canyons, valleys and waterways as specified by the FAA. The Dual L866/L885 Catenary Strobe uses LED technology for light output for both the Red Beacon and White Strobe modes.  Unlike conventional Xenon flashtube technology, little or no maintenance is required during its lifetime. Working voltages of less than 200VDC are significantly less than those of Xenon flashtube designs; therefore, this system represents an advance in safety. The Dialight Dual L866/L885LED beacon operates from a 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz supply. The power supply/control box can be located up to 550 ft away.

Slatercom, working directly with the FAA, offers a control system with perfected catenary sequence timing of the flashes. Slatercom also offers these systems in 48VDC for use with solar or other DC systems, and all other accessories needed to mount and power these systems are manufactured or stocked by Slatercom.

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