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About Slatercom


Most refer to our company as “Slatercom”. Slatercom is a subsidiary of Afcomm, LLC and is comprised of three divisions.

Afcomm, LLC was formed in 1993 based off of decades of previous experience by our owner in two-way communications and electronics sales and service roles, with the primary focus of work based on tower construction and two-way communication markets. As Afcomm, LLC evolved, new divisions formed by striking into emerging but related markets. The divisions that Slatercom works as under Afcomm, LLC are:

Slatercom Lighting Solutions

Slatercom Lighting Solutions is the largest and most active division under Afcomm, LLC and is a leader in the supply of energy-efficient LED lighting. Slatercom got its start with LED lighting by its involvement using LED obstruction lighting for its tower project needs at a time before commercial and industrial LED lighting had been developed. Slatercom remains a leader in the supply of LED obstruction lighting components and systems, however in 2005 Slatercom began to adopt early LED commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures for facility lighting needs. Today, Slatercom maintains distribution agreements with over a hundred LED lighting manufacturers and not only distributes fixtures but provides complete facility lighting upgrades to include consultation and design services. Besides obstruction and commercial lighting, Slatercom also carries options for unique applications including sports and arena lighting, marine navigation, airfield, and visual signal lighting. While our company is based in Oregon, Slatercom has built and completed projects nationwide.



Slatercom-WCD is our Wireless Construction Division that offers tower maintenance and construction, and is our tower service and maintenance division. Slatercom also enjoys great working relationships with tower crews across the country and uses this network of partnering crews to provide nationwide service. Contact Alan Slater (503-581-5550) for quotes or more information.


Slatercom-Wireless is our Redmond, Oregon based two-way communication shop. Services and products include two-way radio sales and service, radio installation, and general communication system supply and maintenance. Call our manager, Gary Doherty (541-420-0305) for more information. 

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