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Dialight LED Fixtures

An OEM distributor of Dialight since 2000, Slatercom is the longest-tenured Dialight master stocking distributor. Dialight offers the following obstruction lighting fixtures:

  • L810-Certified LED Low Intensity Obstruction Light. More>

  • L864-Certified LED Red Medium Intensity Beacon. More>

  • L865-Certified LED White Medium Intensity Strobe. More>

  • L865/L864-Certified LED Dual Red-White Strobe. More>

  • L856/L864-Certified LED High Intensity Strobe. More>

  • L866/L885-Certified LED Medium Intensity Catenary Strobe. More>

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A Leader in LED Obstruction Solutions

Slatercom chooses to partner with Dialight, because that company has been a market leader in offering energy-efficient and reliable products for more than 15 years, especially in the line of obstruction LED systems. Dialight systems are completely FAA certified and compliant, and that means that you can count on a high level of quality and durability.


Because their precision-patented optics guarantee maximum safety while allowing minimal ground scatter, the result is always powerful illumination, which is neighborhood friendly and virtually unnoticeable most of the time. Most Dialight systems offer a small, low-weight flash head so that they can be easily installed, and so they have a profile that allows for minimal wind resistance.


The zero-maintenance fixtures provided by Dialight make tower climbs, and unanticipated site visits a thing of the past, and this, in turn, lowers the cost of any ongoing maintenance, as well as the risk of non-compliance.

Dialight LED Fixture Installation

As mentioned above, the lightweight flash head on Dialight LED systems makes for very easy installation, and that is one of the most appealing aspects of using these lighting solutions.


Slatercom works with a very large network of subcontractors, all of whom are trusted and reliable professionals, in order to carry out the installation of LED lighting systems for clients. Each of these subcontractors has been vetted and found to have a superior work ethic, as well as product knowledge and a thorough understanding of proper installation methods.


We place a great deal of emphasis on proper installation because when a system is not properly installed, it becomes much more likely that it will not function optimally, or that further maintenance will be needed in the future. To eliminate this risk, we make sure that all our installation partners have been adequately trained and understand the importance of proper installation.


Because we are very thorough in that regard, you can count on having peace of mind, knowing that your LED lighting system has been properly put in place so that it will perform up to your expectations.

Why Choose Slatercom

Slatercom has always been a leader in the development of efficient LED lighting solutions, and it continues that distinction at the present time. Before commercial and industrial LED lighting were even industries, Slatercom had pioneered in the development of obstruction LED lighting for its own company usage. In 2005, Slatercom was at the forefront of a movement to adapt LED commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures for the needs of various facilities.


At the present time, Slatercom is a major player in the LED lighting market, maintaining distribution agreements with dozens of lighting manufacturers, as well as providing complete facility lighting upgrades, often including consultation and design services. Slatercom also specializes in supplying LED lighting for off-grid solar lighting applications, solar power systems, marine navigation, airfield lighting, sports field lighting, remote monitoring systems, aerial line markers, portable lighting products, roadway gates and barriers, lighting and utility poles, and visual signal systems.


The diversity of those applications should demonstrate that Slatercom is indeed heavily involved in the overall LED lighting industry, and it should also show just how broad its involvement really is. That would not be possible without our extensive knowledge of LED lighting and of the various products which can be used commercially and for industrial applications.


We have made it our business to lead the way in many of these areas, and to be the go-to company for LED lighting. In short, Slatercom has become the industry leader when it comes to the diversity of LED design and applications for which lighting can be used.


Another great reason to choose Slatercom is our strong management team, and that has powerful implications for remaining competitive and being an industry leader in the field of LED lighting. Owner Alan Slater has always had a strong vision about the role of Slatercom in the business and has left no stone unturned in trying to achieve that position.


LED lighting specialists Mike Slater, Scott Slater, and Jake Burgess not only make this a family-owned and operated business but also lend their considerable knowledge of LED lighting. Accounting Manager Sharon Blake has the responsibility of maintaining all the financial aspects of the business.

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We are always happy to respond to all inquiries about LED lighting, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will promptly take your call and provide you with whatever information you may need. We can also provide you with a free quote when you contact us so that you'll have a ballpark idea about the cost of any specific LED lighting project. Call us today and take that first step toward realizing the fulfillment of the LED lighting project you've been thinking about.