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Slatercom Obstruction Lighting Kit Accessories

Slatercom provides all accessories necessary to fully implement a completely new obstruction lighting system.

Accessories include:

  • Fixture mounts

  • Ice shields

  • FAA-compliant photocell & socket assemblies

  • Grounding lug kits

  • Cabling, S0-style: Slatercom currently offers S0 cabling in 3, 4, 8, 10 and 14 conductors which are all shielded.

  • Conduit/wire kits

  • Junction boxes, cast and cabinet style aluminum: our boxes include strain-relief tabs and/or wiring terminals

  • Cable straps

  • Surge protection devices

  • Lighting chokes

Contact Slatercom for pricing or more component details. Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

Fixture Mount
Junction Box
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