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Obstruction Products

Carmanah Solar Self-Contained LED Fixtures

Site audits

Since 1996, Carmanah has been enhancing its global reputation for providing solutions for industrial applications, in many of the harshest environments around the world. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing solar lighting solutions and signaling solutions for infrastructure and making these available to clients globally. Because all company products are manufactured to a high level of quality and are energy-optimized, they provide the ultimate in cost savings, as well as being as environmentally-friendly as possible.


Carmanah is a leader in solar LED lighting products, providing a line of lighting systems for streets and roadways, pathways and parks, parking lots, and perimeter security applications. The company's self-contained LED fixtures are among the highest quality products of their kind produced in the world today, and for that reason, we at Slatercom are proud to partner with them as distributors of their goods. 

Carmanah LED Fixture Installation

Obstruction Services

Given the fact that the Carmanah LED light fixtures are of known high quality, and last far longer than many competitors' products, we are happy to be an official partner with that company, and will gladly install Carmanah light fixtures at your location. Since we have access to a huge network of subcontractors whose specialty it is to do this kind of installation work, you can count on it being done correctly and expertly.

Much depends on proper installation, since if it isn't done exactly right, the lighting system may not function properly, or it may require additional maintenance soon after installation. When you arrange for installation through Slatercom, you can count on it being done professionally, so there's no need for follow-up work that might be inconvenient and costly. When we install your Carmanah LED light fixtures, you can expect it to be right the first time.

Slatercom has been a long-time Carmanah distributor and is authorized in all channels including the obstruction light channel. These products are extremely unique in their self-contained solar powered LED design. Slatercom keeps some models in stock. Call Slatercom for correct specification details for your project.


  • Temporary tower lighting

  • Towers not subject to formal FAA standards

  • Wind energy

  • Cranes

  • Other tall structures 

  • Hazard marking 

Note to crane operators: Slatercom manufactures self-leveling mounts for Carmanah fixtures used on movable jibs. Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

Why Choose Slatercom

As a family-owned and operated business, we try to extend the family concept to include all our clients so that we're all in business together. When your business is suffering, we suffer too, and we want to help your company rise up and become successful again. That's why our team at Slatercom will try and do whatever it takes to satisfy your LED lighting needs and to provide a boost to your company. 


Owner Alan Slater and LED lighting specialists Mike Slater, Scott Slater, and Jake Burgess are repositories of knowledge about LED lighting, and keep the company abreast of all the latest developments, while Accounting Manager Sharon Blake keeps a sharp eye on company Financials.

Another excellent reason to work with us at Slatercom is that we work with a vast number of LED lighting manufacturers to distribute their goods, and we keep a good supply of these products on hand ourselves. We can provide consultation and design services if your company is looking to establish a whole new lighting system and needs professional guidance. 

Our company also is partnered with a number of utility companies, and we can assist with energy incentive applications, which are great for both the customer and the country in general. 


Almost any kind of commercial or industrial LED lighting application you can think of, Slatercom has probably already installed a similar system or is more than capable of installing what you have in mind. Along with obstruction LED applications, one of our primary specialties lies in the area of commercial and industrial lighting.


Some of the tall structures where we have installed obstruction lighting are stacks, bridges, communication towers, and very tall buildings. These kinds of installations can be tricky, and that's why we have partnered with some of the most capable installation subcontractors in the country so that the job can be done right the first time.

Get a Quote

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. Not just good customer service - a level of service that surpasses most other companies, which sticks in the minds of our customers. You'll find out about this superior customer service whenever you give us a call about something - perhaps an inquiry about a specific product, a question about the services or products we offer, or maybe even a technical question about LED lighting. 


We are always glad to handle all queries and to talk shop with callers. We can also provide free quotes if you are looking for a ballpark figure on some LED lighting project that you'd like to cost out. 

Regardless of the type of system involved, you can always count on having superior products from us, as well as a totally professional installation at your location. Contact us today for a free quote or to get an answer to a question about anything related to our products or services.

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