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Portable LED Lighting Solutions

Slatercom offers multiple options for portable lighting including systems powered by generator, battery, and AC power. Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

The Lentry Lighting System, manufactured by Ventry Solutions, is an all-terrain generator-powered lighting system to produce up to 60,000 lumens of light, highlighted by their unique and powerful LED light heads. These systems are offered in multiple configurations that are powered by quiet and efficient Honda 1000 or 2000 Series generators.

Ventry also offers unique components including generator stands and light mounts available to those who want to use with their existing generators. 


Lentry Portable Lighting System
Ventry Solutions
Lentry Portable Lighting Systems

8:12 Illumination exists to supply non-glare lighting solutions for a wide variety of industries. This product can be used to retrofit your current light tower as well as be installed on any truck or construction vehicle. These lights can also be installed on a tripod or telescoping mast.


Light balloons provide glare free, 360 degree lighting that is vastly superior to current industry lighting. They are bright and efficient by providing anywhere from 11,000 to 440,000 lumens as well as 120 and 240 VAC power options.


FoxFury provides a number of battery-powered portable LED lighting solutions including tripod scene lights, handheld lanterns, flashlights, headlamps, drone lights, riot shield lights, and multiple smaller personal lights. These products utilize the latest in battery technology including high-performance lithium ion. 

Many of FoxFury's solutions are offered in forensic wavelength options, and some versions are intrinsically safe for hazardous locations. FoxFury includes other unique accessories including utility-mount systems for lift-buckets or other structural platforms. 

These offerings accomplish lighting needs from under 100 lumens up to 14,000 lumens.


Underwater Kinetics manufactures a myriad of flashlights, headlamps, helmet lights, knives, and carrying cases. These units are rugged in construction and perform well. Most offerings include lifetime warranty and are intrinsically for use in hazardous locations. 


FoxFury Lighting Solutions
Underwater Kinetics
UnderwaterKinetics Headlamp
UnderwaterKinetics Handheld Flashlight

Slatercom is excited to have recently signed a distribution agreement to bring our customers Ericson products. Ericson is the industry leader in electrical safety products; they design and manufacture portable power distribution units, lightingGFCI’swiring devices, and other related products with a commitment to safety, ease of use and reliability.


Ericson_FullColor (1).jpg

Many of our other manufacturers offer portable AC powered string or flood lights. Call 503-581-5550 for more information.

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