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Project Portfolio

Slatercom has hundreds of different projects in our portfolio. Take a look below at some of our more notable projects. Contact us today to add your facility to this list and take advantage of our products and services.

LED Rodeo Arena Lights

Wet Mountain Valley Saddle Club

 Located in beautiful Westcliffe, Colorado, the Wet Mountain Valley Saddle club upgraded their arena lighting system just in time for their 2023 rodeo. Using one of our most popular LED sports light fixtures and new wooden poles, we were able to provide a lighting system that more than doubled existing light levels, and met their budget.

Westcliffe, CO. 2023

LED Rodeo Arena Lighting

Sisters Rodeo

Home to one of the most notable rodeos in the state of Oregon, the Sisters Rodeo upgraded their arena lighting in a huge way. Using a quality, value-priced fixture, the rodeo grounds were able to more than double their light levels .

Sister, OR. 2022

LED Rodeo Arena Lights

Eastern Oregon Livstock Show

Recognized as the 2022 PRCA Columbia River Circuit Small Rodeo of the Year, the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show used one of Slatercom's quality LED arena lighting systems to upgrade their facility's performance and overall look. With this upgrade, EOLS has a lighting system suitable for small broadcasts such as the Cowboy Channel. EOLS will also save thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and energy.

Union, OR. 2023

LED Football Field Lights

Ward Rhode Stadium

One of the nicest high school stadiums in central Oregon upgraded their old outdated lighting using one of Slatercom's high end sports light lines. This project was retrofitted using existing wooden poles with turnkey installation managed by Slatercom. 

Prineville, OR  2022

LED Football Field Lights

Elgin High School

After having an old wooden pole fall in a windstorm, Elgin High School was able to upgrade their entire football field lighting system to include new steel poles and a remote driver system, while still staying under budget.

Elgin, OR. 2022

Like the Sisters Rodeo, the Elgin School District also took advantage of one of Slatercom's LED sports lighting systems. This system used Slatercom's LED sports light and remote driver system. After losing an old wood pole in a windstorm, Elgin upgraded to 4 new steel poles, and reduced the number of existing poles from 6 to 4. The result: more than double the light levels resulting in a 35 footcandle average, above the NFHS standard for a high school field. 

LED Church Lighting

Covenant Church

The Covenant church in The Dalles, OR received a huge architectural upgrade by working with Slatercom and using one of our higher end outdoor lines.

The Dalles, OR. 2021

LED Outdoor Lighting

Interpath Labs

Using a combination of our LED lines, Slatercom did a full interior and exterior design build for the new Interpath Labs in Pendleton, Oregon.

Pendleton, OR. 2023

LED Architectural Lighting

The Dalles Roundabout

The city of The Dalles, Oregon partnered with Slatercom to give their town a nice architectural upgrade to one of their most trafficked areas. This RGBW project was accomplished using a combination of high-quality color changing flood lights.

The Dalles, OR  2022

LED High Bay Lighting

Pendleton Convention Center

From conferences and banquets, to hosting the 2A State Basketball tournament, the Pendleton Convention Center needed a high performance lighting system. Slatercom was able to more than deliver required light levels to meet NFHS' lighting standards while still saving energy and virtually eliminating maintenance costs.

Pendleton, OR. 2019

LED Gymnasium Lighting

Elgin High School

Elgin High School updated their gymnasium lights using a high bay from Maxlite. This paticular high bay comes with a frosted lens option to mitigate glare, on board ON/OFF motion sensors, and a wire guard making it a  perfect product for gymnasium applications. 

Elgin, OR. May 2020

LED Indoor Commercial Lighting

LaGrande Liquor Store

Using one of only a few LED panel retrofit kits on the market, the LaGrande liquor store completed a retrofit transition that not only improved light levels, but their store appearance as well. 

LaGrande, OR. February 2022

Church Sanctuary After.jpg

Jefferson Baptist Church

Jefferson Baptist Church updated both their lighting and controls to the best technology on the market. Using a mixture of high performance LED fixtures and control systems, the church reduced their power bill drastically while more than doubling their light.

Jefferson, OR. January 2021

Bull Run Electric New Shop Exterior Lighting 1.jpg

Bull Run Electric

Bull Run Electric, a partnering electrician, took advantage of one of Slatercom's high-quality made in America LED lines to upgrade their shop's interior and exterior lighting.

Sandy, OR. February 2022

Athena Elementary Gym.jpg

Athena Middle School

Taking advantage of our partnership with the Energy Trust of Oregon, the Athena SD did a complete LED upgrade of their middle school. This project consisted mostly of TLED upgrades, along with the above pictured gymnasium using an LED high bay that is made in America. Slatercom took care of the energy paperwork, resulting in a project where the materials were almost completely covered.

Athena, OR. December 2020

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