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Slatercom Aviator Series Off-Grid Obstruction Light Systems

The Aviator Series of off-grid solar-powered obstruction light systems can easily be fully integrated with your existing setup. The Slatercom system makes use of Dialight DC-version obstruction lighting, and fixtures that are completely Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified, as well as being compliant with FAA engineering brief #76. This specific brief covers the use of solar-powered systems, to drive obstruction lighting and make it as effective as possible.


Slatercom offers a Solar Harvester power source that can be used on all its Aviator Series systems, including any exclusive door-mounted terminals and controls. This makes maintenance much easier, as well as any kind of service that has to take place. Slatercom Lighting Solutions also provides customized mounting systems for battery and control enclosures, as well as for solar panels. We also offer optional obstruction lighting controls that can be fully integrated into battery or control enclosures, as opposed to using a completely separate control box.

Aviator Light System Installation

We will be glad to arrange the installation of our Aviator Series lighting systems at your 

location. Slatercom Lighting Solutions provides many services in the area of on-site lighting and energy audits including lighting design and layouts for your system. We can consult with you on the fixture selection for any project you have in mind, whether that's for commercial or industrial needs, or if it has to do with obstruction lighting.


We can provide installation by contacting the numerous subcontractors we have partnered with throughout the country, and who are lighting installation experts. We can also provide post-project inspection and commissioning, so that you can be confident that everything was correctly installed, and that your lighting system will perform as intended.


We also offer an energy/utility incentive program submission service, so that you can participate in any incentives that may be offered in your local area, receiving discounts and other considerations that you may be eligible for. Because we have worked with many of these utilities before, we'll be glad to help you manage your submission, and ensure that you stay in compliance, so as to receive ongoing rewards regularly.

Slatercom integrates its Aviator Series off-grid solar powered obstruction light systems. Our system utilizes Dialight DC-version obstruction lighting with fully FAA certified fixtures and compliant to FAA Engineering Brief #76 guiding the use of solar power systems to power obstruction lights.

Our integrated "Solar Harvester" solar power system is the power source for our Aviator Series systems, and this includes our exclusive door-mounted terminals and controls, making service and maintenance easier.

Slatercom also offers customized mounting systems for solar panels and battery/control enclosures. Optional obstruction lighting controls integrated into battery/control enclosures rather than a separated control box are available as well.

Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

Why Choose Slatercom

There are, of course, other companies that you could work with, to have your next lighting project designed and installed, and there are other companies from which you could simply purchase the products you need. However, there are many reasons why you should choose Slatercom as your vendor of choice, and many of these reasons are advantageous to your own company.


We are a family-owned and operated business, and we understand the importance of maintaining close relationships with our extended family, which includes all our loyal customers. Doing business is much easier when you have that kind of close working relationship with customers and partners, and it's mutually beneficial to both parties.


Our company operates as three divisions and is a subsidiary company of Afcomm LLC, which was formed in 1993 to accommodate growing markets for two-way communication and tower construction. Afcomm evolved over the period since then and has addressed some additional emerging markets that are now specialties of the three divisions of Slatercom. Those three divisions are Slatercom Lighting Solutions, Slatercom Wireless Construction Division, and Slatercom Wireless, which manages two-way communications.


With these three divisions available to handle many of today's electronics and communications needs for corporations, we have a high demand for our services. A big reason for that demand is the reputation we have built up in these markets and the reliability we have provided our clients with.


Having grown to the point where we are a major player in each of these markets, we have proudly become one of the most respected companies in the industry. You can be confident when you partner with us that we will come through for all your lighting projects and needs.

Get a Quote

Our friendly service representatives are always standing by to answer any queries you may have about our products or services, so please feel free to call anytime. We'll also gladly provide you with a free quote for whatever kind of lighting project you have in mind, and we can arrange to design, layout, and install any lighting system for you as well. Just tell us what your needs are, and we'll be glad to discuss how to make it happen in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. Contact us when you're ready to get started on your project.

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