Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Systems

Specification and supply of LED facility lighting of all kinds is a major activity at Slatercom. Slatercom currently offers products from over 80 LED manufacturers to provide customers solutions for any commercial and industrial application. Not only does Slatercom act as a wholesale distributor for these products, but Slatercom combines consultation services in order to accomplish retrofits, partial, or complete facility light upgrades. As a formal trade ally with most utilities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Slatercom also assists customers in taking advantage of utility incentive programs while accomplishing their project.

Installing LED lighting at your commercial facility provides an array of benefits. For starters, LED lighting will cut back your overall energy consumption while creating a comfortable work environment for your staff. LED lights also last longer than conventional lighting appliances while outperforming them as well. Whether you are installing for the first time, or upgrading your existing lighting system, it is essential to ensure that the work is done properly. One of the best ways of achieving this is by working with experienced lighting experts.

See our products page for logos of current manufacturers we distribute. Call us for recommendations for the proper product for your project, electronic spec sheets and pricing. Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

Commercial Facility Lighting Products

Commercial Facility Lighting Installation

The process of installing commercial facility lighting involves a number of steps. A lighting consultant will guide you through the entire process to make sure that everything works out well. At Slatercom, we advise our clients during each of the following steps.

Identifying the Requirements
The first step will be to determine what the lighting installation is meant to achieve. This means taking into account your goals for the commercial space. We will work with you to understand the things you want to be emphasized such as performance in energy savings as well as light output, look, and budget.

Selecting Lighting Equipment
When it comes to choosing the right light source, some of the factors that need to be considered are the light output, efficacy, physical size, lifetime, color characteristics, compatibility with the existing electrical system, and the suitability for the environment. We will also have to look at aesthetics, glare control, light distribution, and maintenance needs. A major advantage of using Slatercom is the access to a wide variety of lighting options to make sure we select the right equipment for YOUR application.

Adjusting the Design
The next step will involve calculating the lighting parameters and determining the optimal control system. This allows us to adjust the design of the lighting system to ensure it will fit the space, as well as adhere to your requirements. Once this is done, we will share the design with you to get your input.

Installation and Inspection
While Slatercom does not employ electricians on staff, we have developed a network of electricians throughout the Pacific Northwest to insure the installation process goes smoothly and is cost effective. If you have a preferred electrician, we are happy to work with them as well.



Slatercom has hundreds of offerings for standard commercial LED lights including:

  • Interior LED can and downlight retrofits

  • Interior LED troffer and panel lights

  • Interior LED high bay lights 

  • Interior and exterior LED architectural lights 

  • LED lamps of all kinds

  • Interior LED refrigerator lights

  • Exterior LED canopy light

  • Exterior LED parking lot lighting 

  • Exterior LED flood lights

  • Exterior LED wallpacks 

  • Exterior LED high mast and sports field lights 

  • Exterior LED sign and facade lighting

  • ... and more. Slatercom literally has solutions for every commercial application.

Industrial Facility Lighting

Slatercom offers LED fixtures for industrial facilities. These fixtures are similar in function to standard commercial lighting fixtures, however industrial facilities require fixtures of heavier duty construction, higher temperature ratings, and ratings for use in hazardous locations. Slatercom has hazardous location rated fixtures in the following categories:

  • Class 1/Division 1

  • Class 1/Division 2

  • Class 2/Division 1

  • Class 2/Division 2

  • Class 3

  • Paint spray booth certification

Horticultural Grow Lighting

Slatercom also specializes in LED grow lighting for horticultural applications. Slatercom offers several manufacturers in a number of different sizes and configurations. We are also available to provide photometric horticultural layouts through our manufacturers to ensure our customers are getting the right amount of wavelengths for their operations.

Why Choose Slatercom

Slatercom is not just a distributor of quality lighting products but also a company that offers consultation services for lighting projects. 

Expertise and Experience
Each member of our team is extremely qualified, and has relevant industry experience. With the deep lighting knowledge that we have, we are in a great position to advise different clients who wish to carry out lighting projects. Our expertise also enables us to help you choose the best lighting products for your space.

We Understand Your Needs
When providing consultation services, our sole aim is to ensure that you achieve the best lighting for your needs. We take the time to listen, and understand your situation before offering expert advice. In this way, our recommendations will contribute to quality work that transforms your space for enhanced comfort and productivity.

Wide Professional Network
Slatercom Lighting Solutions can also be involved during the actual installation work. We partner with a number of subcontractors who are competent, and we trust will deliver quality services. When you choose to work with us, you will benefit from the network of strong professional relationships that we have built over the years.

Post-Project Inspection
As much as the subcontractors we will recommend will do a good job, there is a chance that certain areas will be overlooked or mistakes will happen. As a leader in the industry, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything has been installed correctly. Our post-project inspection services will cover the entire lighting system to ensure everything works as intended. 

Get a Quote

Handling a commercial lighting installation process can be extremely involved. With the financial investment that goes into the project, you will want to make sure that everything progresses well. We help you to do this by providing you with a cost estimate for easier planning. If you wish to get a quote, or discuss the best options for your space, please contact us today.






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