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Our Industry & Product Affiliations:

Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Systems

Specification and supply of LED facility lighting of all kinds is a major activity at Slatercom. Slatercom currently offers over 40 manufacturers of LED lighting for the commercial and industrial sector. Not only does Slatercom act as a wholesale distributor for these products, but Slatercom combines consultation services in order to accomplish partial or complete facility lighting upgrades. As a formal trade ally with most utilities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Slatercom also assists customers in taking advantage of utility incentive programs while accomplishing their project.

See our products page for logos of current manufacturers we distribute. Call us for recommendations for the proper product for your project, electronic spec sheets and pricing. Learn more about our LED Lighting Systems and Installation Services.

Commercial Facility Lighting

Slatercom has hundreds of offerings for standard commercial LED lighting including:

  • Interior LED can and downlight retrofits

  • Interior LED troffer and panel lights

  • Interior LED high bay lights 

  • Interior and exterior LED architectural lighting 

  • LED lamps of all kinds

  • Exterior LED canopy lighting

  • Exterior LED parking lot lighting 

  • Exterior LED flood lights

  • Exterior LED wallpacks 

  • Exterior LED high mast and sports field lighting 

  • Exterior LED sign and facade lighting

  • ... and more. Slatercom literally has solutions for every commercial application.

Industrial Facility Lighting

Slatercom offers LED fixtures for industrial facilities. These fixtures are similar in function to standard commercial lighting fixtures, however industrial facilities require fixtures of heavier duty construction, higher temperature ratings, and ratings for use in hazardous locations. Slatercom has hazardous location rated fixtures in the following categories:

  • Class 1/Division 1

  • Class 1/Division 2

  • Class 2/Division 1

  • Class 2/Division 2

  • Class 3

  • Paint spray booth certification

Horticultural Grow Lighting

Slatercom also specializes in LED grow lighting for horticultural applications. Slatercom offers several manufacturers in a number of different sizes and configurations.

Architectural Lighting
Sports Complex Lighting