Line Card

Slatercom is proud to have distribution agreements with the following manufacturers, as well as others not listed. We have strategically picked these lines to bring you products that will solve any lighting solution at a variety of prices without compromising quality. Don't see the manufacturer you need? Give one of our lighting specialists a call to see if we can get you the product you are looking for. 

acclaim led lighting
aledda led lighting troffers
Alphalite LED Commercial Lighting
Altech LED Interior & Exterior Lighting
American LED Lighting
Amerlux LED Lighting-Spec Grade Exterior Lighting
ATI Decorative Laminates
Baselite LED Lighting
Beghelli Interior LED Lighting
Beyond LED Lighting
Brownlee LED Lighting-Spec Grade LED Solutions
Bruck LED Architectural Lighting
Cree LED Roadway Lighting
CyberTech- Interior & Exterior LED Lighting
Deco LED Lighting-High Quality Interior LED Lighting
Dialight-LED Obstruction & Industrial Grade Lighting Solutions
Douglas Lighting Controls
Electraled LED Cooler Lighting Solutions
Energetic LED Lighting Lamps
Energy Focus LED Industry Leading Tube
Ericson LED Industrial Electral Supplies
Exitronix LED Exit/Emergency Lighting
FC Lighting- LED Architectural Lighting
Fox Fury Portablle LED Lighting Solutions
G&G Industrial LED Lighting. Carwash LED Lighting
Green Creative LED Lighting Interior Solutions
Halco LED Lighting Solutions
IR TEC LED Lighting Controls
JGL Portable Battery-Powered Lighting
Komee LED Lighting
LEDTrail LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
LEDTronics LED Interior & Exterior Lighting
Litelume-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Litetronics LED Panel Retrofit Kit
Lotus-LED Downlights
LSI Industries-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Lumateq-LED Exterior Lighting
LuxDynamics-LED High Bays Made in USA
Maxlite-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Naturaled-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Nora Lighting-LED Interior Solutions
Olympia Lighting-HID Replacement Lamps
Phoenix Lighting-LED Hazardous Location Lighting
PQL-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Rayon Lighting-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Red Sky Lighting-LED Industrial & Hazardous Location Lighting
Self Electronics-LED Cooler/Case Lighting
SpecGrade-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Startek-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions. Made in USA
Swivelpole-Pole Mounting & Swivel Mechanisms
Task Lighting-LED Residential Cabinet Lighting
Truly Green Solutions-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions. High Quality Tubes
Underwater Kinetics-Flashlights & Knives
Ushio-LED Lamps. Blacklights.
Valmont Poles. Light Poles. Roadway Poles
Venture Lighting-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Verbatim-LED Downlights
Visionaire Lighting-LED Exterior Solutions
WAC Lighting-LED Track Lighting Kits
XtraLight-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
Utopia Lighting-LED Interior & Exterior Solutions
VividLeds-LED Exterior & Color Changing Solutions