LED Obstruction Lighting

Slatercom specializes in LED obstruction light systems for tall structures including communication towers, stacks, bridges, and tall buildings. We are an OEM Master Stocking Distributor for Dialight Corporation. We also manufacture our UCS Series obstruction light controllers as well as fixture mounts, and we carry all needed kit accessories. Slatercom also offers solar off-grid obstruction light solutions.

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Commercial, Industrial, & Architectural LED Lighting

Slatercom is a direct distributor for over a hundred LED lighting manufacturers, and we stock a number of these products. Slatercom not only acts as a distributor but also provides specification and consultation services for lighting upgrades. We are also trade allies for multiple utilities and assist with energy incentive applications. Slatercom offers LED lighting solutions for almost any industrial or commercial application. Our offerings include industrial signal and hazardous location lighting as well.

Sports Field Lighting 

Slatercom is an exclusive distributor for American manufacturer Pro Sports Lighting to bring you complete sports field lighting upgrades in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. We are able to offer full photometric layouts of our system, a system that comes pre-aimed and mounted on cross-arms, to reduce installation costs. Our systems also offer a remote driver option, allowing maintenance to be done from a remote location. Slatercom is also able to create custom sports lighting systems to fit any field need.

Portable Lighting

Slatercom has multiple lines and offerings to satisfy any portable lighting needs. From systems equipped with portable generator stands, to lithium battery options, Slatercom can put together a custom system for any portable lighting application. Some of our portable lighting manufacturers include Ventry Solutions, 8:12 Illumination, and FoxFury.

Other Products

Slatercom also offers other products such as:

  • Spherical Line Marker Balls 

  • Remote Monitoring Systems

  • Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

  • Horticultural Grow Lighting

  • Airfield & Marine Navigation Lighting

  • Roadway Warning Gates & Facility Barriers