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Lentry Lighting Systems (Ventry Solutions)

Lentry Light Systems are bright, mobile, self-contained telescopic units that light large areas for hours at a time regardless of the terrain. These light towers provide light, temporarily or long-term, and power to those who work outdoors at night, including those in emergency response, law enforcement, construction, public works, and railroads.

  • If a flashlight or work light is too little, if a tow-behind light tower is too much, a Lentry Light is just right!

  • Legs let you—not the terrain—determine the ideal location

  • Outward curving legs and 3-point contact ensure a solid stance and “stand-alone” operation on any terrain

  • Legs adjust individually by turning a knob on each

  • Light can be raised to shine into windows for interior ops and over tall grass, fences, guard rails...

  • Generator is always level and lifted above sand, snow, water and rocks

  • Lights tilt up and down, telescope and rotate for optimal aiming

  • Self-contained; no cords to trip over; no batteries to charge

  • Controls are lifted within easy reach

  • Legs retract for compact storage and protect the generator

  • Vibration dampening feet with metal core and tough tread for aggressive grab on slick and slanted surfaces

  • Run times as long as 10+ hours without adding more fuel

  • Lights are all bright and efficient (20,000 to 112,000 lumens)

  • Poles disconnect from the rest of the unit with the turn of a knob

  • One-person deployment and break down in seconds

  • Robust, heavy-duty frame and legs are guaranteed not to bend or break

  • Made in the USA

  • Five year warranties on workmanship and materials plus Lifetime Factory Support

Call for pricing, as the exact system configuration and component affects the price. 

Basic offerings:

  • Complete Lentry System with 1, 2 or 3 light heads and with specific generator and mounting height options

  • Individual generator stand for use with existing generators

  • Individual light mounting assemblies for use with existing equipment