Sports Field LED Lighting 

Slatercom is excited to be partnering with Pro Sports Lighting to be the exclusive distributor in the Pacific Northwest along with Nevada, and Arizona to offer LED solutions for sports field lighting. Through this agreement, Slatercom is able to offer its customers an industry leading, American-made fixture at an overall better price than competitors. Thanks to our history working with tower lighting, Slatercom is able to run new construction and retrofit projects turnkey. 

Features and Offerings Included

  • Full Photometric Design included with our proposal

  • Pro Sports Lighting 960W LED fixtures as the primary field lights. Industry-leading 170 lumens per watt. 10 Year Warranty

  • Only LED sports fixture Made in America.

  • Generally results in fewer fixtures per pole, yet improved lighting performance

  • Fixtures come pre-mounted and pre-aimed on new crossarms, minimizing installation costs

  • Retrofit arm assemblies for existing wood OR steel poles

  • New Galvanized and/or Powder Coated poles, as needed

  • Remote Driver Enclosures for mounting lower on poles, with wire harness drops

  • Primary Circuit Control Enclosure with Keypad

  • Option for ProSports Link advanced control system

  • Option for Remote Monitoring

  • Option for Remote Control Operation, Cellular-Based

  • Slatercom is a full LED supplier and consultant, for any other LED upgrade need

  • Slatercom can provide full installation/project management

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Sports Field Lighting with Slatercom

One benefit of using Slatercom's field lighting system is that we do NOT use a beam cutoff system for light trespass control like many of our competitors. In the standard commercial lighting world, cutoff beams and light trespass control is becoming popular in order to reduce neighbor complaints of light trespass. However, for sports field lighting, a tight beam cutoff is counter-productive.  The tight cutoff sterilizes the venue with bright light (often too condensed and glary) on the field, and the cutoff design leaves it dark surrounding the field and in the stands creating a safety hazard and generally uncomfortable environment. Because of our beam pattern, we also do not need an "uplight" that competitors use to illuminate pop-fly baseballs or punted footballs.  Our fixtures are designed to primarily illuminate the field of play yet allow for managed peripheral lighting to properly illuminate the venue. We offer FULL photometric layouts on each project. Our lights come pre-aimed on new cross-arms for easy installation, saving thousands of dollars in installation costs. For new lighting projects, our galvanized steel poles are made exactly for the lighting system and have mount interfaces with cable glands where needed to include additional hubs that are required for other equipment such as speakers, flags, and accessory lights.

Our goal is to make sure you have the perfect lighting system for your sports field. Whether you are lighting a field used by school athletes or a park used by athletes of all ages, you can put your trust in our expertise.