Aviation Obstruction Lighting

  • Dialight LED Aviation & Obstruction Lighting
  • Carmanah Solar Solutions for Aviation, Obstruction & Industrial Applications
  • Xenon & Incandescent Aviation Obstruction Lighting Fixtures & Components
  • Obstruction Light Controllers
  • SensaPhone Alarm Notification Systems
  • Overhead Power Line Markers
  • Bird Diverters
  • Accessories

AC-Powered and Solar LED Marine Navigation Lighting

Slatercom-WCD offers AC-powered and solar LED Marine Navigation Lighting. Dialight LED Visual Signals are integral to our offering of AC-powered marine navigation lighting. Such use occurs under approval from the Regional USCG Chief of Navigational Aids, and Slatercom offers specialty stainless steel shields for 180 degree optics and also offers these lights on swivel configurations as needed for bascule and lift bridges. Slatercom also offers Carmanah solar LED Marine Navigation lights, which are USCG-approved.

  • Dialight LED Visual Signal & Area Lighting
  • Carmanah Solar/LED Self Contained Obstruction Lighting
  • Accessories

Airport Lighting

  • Runway and Taxiway Lighting
  • Obstruction Lighting
  • Airfield Signs

Area, Architectural and Sign/Facade Lighting

  • Dialight LED Industrial/Commercial Grade Lighting
  • LED and Induction Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

Solar Engines and Lighting Products

  • Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Generation Systems
  • FAA-Compliant Solar Obstruction Lighting Systems
  • Carmanah Solar/LED Self Contained Obstruction Lighting

Specialty, Portable, & Custom Lighting Products

  • Dialight Visual Signals (RTO and 860 Series)
  • Portable Battery-Powered Helipad/Emergency Lighting Unit
  • RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon)
  • Roadway Warning Beacon
  • Thermal Warning Beacon
  • RoboPak