Commercial & Industrial Lighting Solutions

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  • LED Obstruction Lighting
  • Obstruction Lighting Controllers
  • Obstruction Lighting System Mounts & Accessories
  • Overhead Line Marker Balls and Devices
  • Navigation Lighting
  • Off-Grid Solar Power Generation Systems
  • Solar Powered Lighting
  • Portable Lighting
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • LED Grow Lights

Slatercom-WCD (Slatercom) is a national and international lighting distributor and tower maintenance company located in Salem, Oregon. We offer custom options for LED obstruction lighting (tower lighting) and also offers many brands of LED and other energy-efficient area lighting.

Slatercom manufactures and/or integrates obstruction light controllers, solar off grid power generators, solar lighting, and lighting mounts. We offer products that meet the lighting needs of telecommunications, industrial, and commercial markets including lighting fixtures rated for use in hazardous locations. Slatercom also offers installation of its LED tower lighting systems using its own crew or network of partnering contractors.

Slatercom offers complete solutions for lighting systems and employs sales engineers that provide complete technical assistance and system layouts. From lighting fixtures to remote monitoring solutions, Slatercom provides unique advantages to its customers.

Tower Obstruction Lighing